Mobile users still want hand holding.

We can’t keep saying that the future of web is mobile. Because it is really the ‘present’ and it even has a past. But it is also the area that we can’t stop talking about, and dreaming about, and working on because there is so much room for improvement and standardization (of course!)

The importance and focus of mobile web and app interaction design will not be fading anytime soon, as the number of ‘new’ users and devices log on.

What you really need to know about designing for mobile, is that consumers still want a lot of hand holding (pun intended.)

– They want instant gratification
– They want to be heard, and know that you are listening
– They want you to lead them through

All these needs can be addressed by providing micro-interactions in your design.

Users want feedback throughout the experience, it gives them reassurance. They want to visually see the result of every action taken.

Users want to know that they are making progress – they want to engage with a micro-interactions in a way that clearly creates a next step. These micro-actions provide users the confidence to keep going.

Yes, users are needy. But you are a designer. And you like all those details anyway.

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