Git back on.

I just wanted to take a moment…while I have managed to get my chin above these waves…just before I take on more water … to say- I love it. And I am so happy that I jumped in. This has been a wild ride but clearly I am still a tough little rider. (No really, I am a horseback rider too.)

Last week we were assigned one last assignment using jquery & AJAX to create an app utilizing an API as well as a CRUD server. One last chance to bring it all together before we RUN IT ALL OVER with angular.js!

I will make it brief and say that it was a success. And I was incredibly proud to be able to demo my app with my team on Monday morning in front of Calvin and our entire class— and for it to work & do all the things that we planned 🙂

Because it just feels so DAMN GOOD when it works!

I’m not one for drama- but I will say that I have been putting in the work… And I REALLY needed that.

You could say that I am typically ready and willing with commentary and questions in person (both in and out of lecture)… but I am also smart enough to know that when things are put in writing they become real. (For those who question that —> see my creeperApp that I made last week which scrapes a ton of public databases for records of YOU!)

For me- when I actually publish something it goes from being an idea into a real commitment.  And that means that everyone will know whether I have failed or succeeded. And even more- that means that I will know. And its scary because I know that I am in control of my life and that it is my own fault if I loose sight of the goal and don’t follow through.

So this is me just putting it out there—— that I am going to finish strong. Like the tough little rider I know I am.

    Star'bucks' special blend.
    Star’bucks’ special blend.

    Star. My favorite games pony. This guy def taught me about getting back on.
    Star. My favorite games pony. This guy def taught me about getting back on.